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formerly owned back thunderclan, shadowclan was awarded this piece of land for their efforts in helping thunderclan reclaim their territory.

snakerocks is located just south of the thunderpath, however it may be accessed by shadowclan warriors via the small tunnels underneath the road (drain pipes). snakerocks itself is a sizeable mound of boulders located at the foot of a hollow. small rodents such as mice, voles, and yarrow can be found here, but so too can snakes (most commonly adders). untrained apprentices are warned not to hunt here for its tendency to harbour snakes.

some of the stones provide large enough shelters to occasionally house larger predators such as foxes and badgers.
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fox face [open] by ✘ starlingshade Jan 31, 2021 1:32:30 GMT
nestled deep within the looming pines of shadowclan territory lies the abandoned twoleg cabin. its wooden beams are rotted and warped, and empty panes sit where windows once were. the surrounding undergrowth is vastly overgrown and threatens to consume the cabin. elders tell stories of twolegs that used to wander the nest, and of smoke stacks the rose up from its chimney. it has been many generations since twolegs have been spotted in this part of the territory, but old tales still circulate the elders' and nursery dens of the creatures that once inhabited it. 2

shadowclan territory

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